Let's jump-start this new blog with some inspiring insights I have seen lately!
Create your own
I recently discovered that it is possible to buy custom Converse sneakers online. I have been interested, for a good 7 years now, in customization through digital platforms. (Even so, my master’s thesis includes the creation of one of them.) Now that I see it taking shape in a simple, but effective platform like Converse’s I’m so excited for what's to come!
S/S25 color webinar
Coloro and WGSN will have an S/S25 color webinar on May 24th presenting their 5 key colors (spoilers above). Perfect for us creatives and color enthusiasts! It is held online and you must register here to attend.
Plant-based nylon
Lululemon just launched shirts made using renewably sourced, plant-based nylon, in place of nylon made from fossil fuels. :O The material was created in collaboration with sustainable materials-focused biotechnology company Genomatica (Geno) and I am SO curious about this fiber. Check the full story.
Circular Systems Masterclass
If you are interested in learning more about sustainable fashion, the Global Fashion Agenda is promoting a series of Masterclasses on the 5 main themes of the 2022 GFA Monitor report. This last webinar is about Circular Systems (amazing!). And don't worry, you can catch up by watching the previous ones' recordings online. Register and watch here.

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